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What is K2Milan?

K2Milan is your key to live the city:
  • Planning: provides a wide variety of useful information, clear and complete to plan and organize every aspect of your stay, with a few simple clicks.
  • Lifestyle: offers good advices to discover and enjoy the lifestyle of the city, the places of our history and recommends the most original sites and events.
  • Benefit: allows you to access to a network of benefits, offers and discounts on sites of historical and cultural interest, shops and other partners carefully selected to provide you with the highest quality.

How does this work?

K2Milan allows you to find quickly information on the place where you are. Activate the localization on your device to find out what are the places closest to you, the Mobile App returns a full list of all the activities, in the categories chosen, with a range of useful information. The application also allows you to see the location on a map, the distance from the current position and the path to reach it. You can also save your favorite places and share them with your friends.

Where do I find the Mobile App K2Milan?

Go into your App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the free App K2Milan.

How much does K2Milan cost?

  • € 1.99 for 1 week
  • € 4.99 for 1 month
  • € 11,99 for 6 months
  • € 23,98 for 12 months

What are the types of benefits agreement?

Restaurants, theaters, museums and shops are just a sample of all the places inside the network offering benefits. To facilitate the research they are collected into four main categories: food and drink, entertainment, art and culture and shopping.

Do the benefits have a time limit?

No, the benefits have no time limit. You can take advantage of your benefits whenever you want, even several times a day, throughout the period of subscription K2Milan (except special events and limited in time that may have different modes of use).

Can I use the benefits whenever I want?

Yes, you can use your benefits when you want, even several times in one day.

Where can I use my benefits?

You can take advantage of your benefits at all the places and points inside the network K2Milan. Museums, restaurants and shops are just a few sample of places where you can use your discounts and / or benefits.
To facilitate the research, we have collected them into four sections:

Art and Culture Art and Culture Entertainment Entertainment
Shopping Shopping Food & Drink Food & Drink

Remember, the presence of benefit is always marked with the icon  benefit

Whom can I contact for information or make a complaint?

For information, submit reports or give us your feedback, please write to info@k2cities.com. The K2Milan team will be happy to answer to your needs and welcome all your valuable advice.

Does K2Milan work offline?

Yes. K2Milan follow you in offline mode, offering its content and services even without Internet connection. Obviously, content updates, in particular, calendar events will require a temporary Internet connection.

Which smartphone can be used with K2Milan?

Compatibility Apple iOS 7 and following, and Android 4.0.0.

What is the activation time of K2Milan Application on my smartphone?

The activation is immediate.

Based on what has been selected the location?

Many shops included in our App, have received recognition of "Historical Shop" by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, also you will find the most original, interesting and representative location for craftsmanship Made in Italy, a complete coverage of all the museums and artistic location in the city and a selection of restaurants with the best users reviews.

If you are an owner/storekeeper, how do I enter the circuit K2Milan?

Be a partner of K2Milan is easy and free; send an email to info@k2cities.com with your info: Name, Last Name, Phone number and a brief description of your company. We will contact you soon.

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